Kották, kiadványok / Musical scores & editions

Editions by Imperatrix Association:

1) “Ave dulcissima Maria” by Giovanni Priuli (1575-1626) Seventeenth century solo motet
a) in its original form
b) arranged for solo voice (soprano or tenor), and organ (and cello) continuo
c) arranged for instrumental quartett: solo voice (soprano or tenor), flute, violin, cello

2) The Anthem of Hungarian Saints written for the honour of the Dedication anniversary (2011) of the Church of Hungarian Saints. Poetry written by Benedek Srajber, and music arranged for choir and orchestra by Zsolt Srajber and Mihály Sós

3) Hungarian Historical Renaissance Cycle composed for the Association of Hungarian Renaissance Ladies’ extravaganza at the Törley Champaigne Factory's Renaissance Festival

4) "Papal Hymn" and "Christ is risen" Hungarian congregational songs arranged for choir, descants, and organ

5) Ave Maria for soprano or tenor and piano by Zsolt Srajber for wedding event

6) Panis angelicus by Frank Cesar arranged for Presto Ensemble (music director: Krisztina Weidemann) for flute, oboe, bassoon, and strings

7) Händel's Water Music Fanfare movement arranged for three fanfare instruments and organ (recorders or brasses) for wedding events

8) “Egy szép világ” (“Our loveliest incorruptible Earth”) by Krisztián Dávid (Chris Dave) arranged by Zsolt Srajber for 3 soloists and 4 part mixed choir for Film Recording. A joint production of Imperatrix Ensemble and the Assosiation of Hungarian Artist Entrepreneurs.

9) Waltz for Elvira Osvath for piano by Zsolt Srajber

The ensemble's first article in "Mi-Újság?", the Church or Hungarian Saints's newspaper: